Principal's Welcome

An Official Warhawk Welcome

Welcome to James Madison High School. Parents, students and staff play an important part within the Warhawk family. The school year is filled with educational opportunities, access to support and enrichment, and involvement by all the stakeholders. Your student's academic and personal development is our foremost concern. We believe that James Madison High School graduates should not only be college-bound, but college-and career-ready. As parents, you are the first and most enduring teachers in your student's life. There are many steps you can take to support your student's learning. Below are some key actions that will help ensure your student has everything needed to succeed:

    • Track Progress Toward Graduation: It is never too early to make sure your student is on-track to graduate. You can do this by studying the graduation requirements, talking with your student's teachers and counselors, visiting PowerSchool, and reviewing your student's scores on standardized assessments.
    • Ensuring Regular Attendance: Studies show that attendance influences graduation rates more than any other factor. As parents, you can promote academic success by talking with your student about the importance of regular attendance and making sure your student is in class every day, ready to learn.
    • Update Emergency Contact Information: We are responsible for keeping your student safe during the school day and keeping you in- formed about your student's education. We need to be able to reach you if there is an emergency, if your student is absent from school, or if there is other important information to share.

    We hope you find the information and resources in the Student/Parent Handbook useful. We look forward to continuing to work together to help all students thrive.

    Wishing you a wonderful school year!
    Heather Seaton