Scholarships Overview



πŸŽ“ Scholarships: Opportunities for All Students πŸŽ“


The Importance of Applying πŸ“…


Scholarships come from various sources and are offered to students of all types. The most important aspect of getting a scholarship is applying. Quite often, scholarship money goes unused or is not fully awarded because students frequently don't plan and make their best effort to get their application in by the individual scholarship deadline.


Students who are most successful in securing scholarships:


  1. Build the application process into their daily routine πŸ“†
  2. Do their research to identify which scholarships fit their academic aspirations πŸ”
  3. Make completing their applications a priority πŸ“


πŸ’‘ Naviance Scholarships


Naviance (the district's counseling and guidance online resource) lists all kinds of scholarships.

Click here to see these scholarships.


You will need to log in with your username and password.


with CLEVER; use student's log-in ID and password.


πŸ“’ How Scholarships Are Publicized at Madison


  1. Monthly Senior Newsletter πŸ—žοΈ
  2. As scholarships become available, they are published in a monthly senior newsletter, distributed to all seniors during the first few days of each month.
  3. Fastweb Account 🌐
  4. Seniors should also check their accounts on These scholarships will not seek out your child; your child needs to seek out these scholarships.


🏫 FAFSA Workshops


Madison also offers workshops on completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), which is required to be eligible for Cal Grants and Pell Grants, as well as grants, scholarships, low-interest loans, and work-study opportunities connected with colleges.

Students must tap every resource to afford books, campus fees, living expenses, travel, and room and board. College is expensive!


πŸ” Summary:


  • Apply Early πŸ“…: Plan and prioritize scholarship applications.
  • Use Resources πŸ“š: Check Naviance and Fastweb regularly for new opportunities.
  • Attend Workshops πŸŽ“: Learn how to complete the FAFSA and explore all financial aid options.


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