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Parent Resources







The Warhawk Daily Bulletin is the main way that students learn about  campus events and deadlines. It airs every morning via closed circuit  television on the Hawkeye News, is posted in the attendance office and  available on Madison's website. It contains the day's bell schedule,  calendar of daily events, late bus schedule, and key announcements  regarding such important events as SAT testing deadlines, fundraisers,  club meetings, graduation gown orders, special Link Crew-sponsored  events, and athletic competitions. Parents can access the daily bulletin  on the front page of Madison's website at 



This parent newsletter is published and mailed home with the progress  report or report card. It contains information such as interventions  available for at-risk students, important deadlines for college and financial  aid, an overview of school-wide testing and graduating class news. 


All Madison faculty and staff have access to a 24-hour email and  voicemail system, and we encourage parents to communicate freely with  us. Email addresses are posted on the website and are displayed on the  course syllabus each teacher distributes to all students the first week of  school. Generally the San Diego Unified School District email address  includes the first initial and last name of the teacher, followed by (Please see Madison’s website under Faculty and click on the  teacher’s name to verify their email address.) To contact a teacher by  phone or voice mail, please call (858) 536-0336 and follow the directions.  Teachers check email and voicemail at least once daily, depending on  their prep period and after school responsibilities.  


Key events and deadlines are posted on the Madison marquee, which is  near the Doliva Drive entrance to the school. When important events like  Open House, final exams, and Senior Financial Aid Night occur, it is likely  that families will receive an automated phone call with the critical  information. If your student has been absent and the absence has not  been cleared during the day, you will also receive an automated message  requesting that you to call the Attendance Office. The auto-dialer leaves  messages in the early evening hours. Please work out an arrangement  with your student so that you play these important messages, as we rely  on them to deliver our most timely information.


 Time sensitive information, as well as the Staff Directory and calendar  items that are relevant our Warhawk students and families are posted on  Madison's website and updated regularly. We also showcase school news  and participation in cluster and community events. 



Our Broadcast Journalism program is housed in a state-of-the-art facility on the north east side of campus. The class produces regular news broadcasts geared toward student-centered events, issues and contemporary topics. Broadcasts are aired daily for the morning bulletin and in advisory classes. Parents can also view these broadcasts on Madison’s website.


 The Warhawk Whisper is an email bulletin with important news, that is  available to all parents who include an email address on the online  registration form. Be sure to update your contact information in  PowerSchool to include an email you check regularly to receive this  parent newsletter. 

Governance and Involvement Opportunities for Parents and Community Members 

An Invitation from Madison Administration: You are invited to participate in the following established parent/community opportunities at Madison  High school. If you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer, member, or an officer, please contact call Andrea Lopez at (858) 536—0336 ext. 3010 or email [email protected]. Volunteers serve a vital role in campus life. We have a variety of ways  parents can help support MHS.


English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC): The ELAC is composed of elected members. Ballots are sent to all parents of English Learners for election of officers. The committee's purpose is to advise the principal, staff, and School Site Council regarding issues relating to programs and services for English Language Learners. This committee supports the school's efforts to make parents aware of the importance of school attendance, student achievement, and postsecondary opportunities and advancement. Please reach out to our ELAC coordinator, Ms. Colon at [email protected] (bilingual) if you are interested.

The Foundation of James Madison High School provides a great  opportunity to stay connected with what is happening at the school, the  district as a whole, and each of the clubs. The principal, Heather Seaton,  provides a detailed Administration report, Madison Community of Schools  report, and upcoming changes from the District. The Madison Foundation is a service organization dedicated to Madison students, staff, and administration. Its purpose is to enhance the total educational experience and provide ongoing financial support for the academic, extra-curricular and building programs for the school. There are many roles you may play. Everyone is welcome to be involved. We invite you to join us on  the 3rd Thursday of each month (excluding November, December, June August) in room 101 at 6:00 p.m. or email [email protected] for additional information on how you  can be a part of our great organization. Follow us on Facebook  @JMHSFOUNDATION.  

Madison Community of Schools: This committee, comprised of principals from all the Madison feeder schools and interested parents and community members, meets quarterly on the second Monday of each month at 5:00 p.m. at Madison (room 101) to coordinate events and increase communication and collaboration across the Madison cluster. 

Parent Volunteers: Parent volunteers are needed in a variety of capacities. Athletic teams, clubs, and performing arts groups all have parent booster clubs to support their programs. Our Madison volunteers are invaluable.

School Site Council (SSC): This is an elected committee that meets monthly to review school and student performance data and who develop a School Plan for Student Achievement with collaboration and input from other advisory groups. We are looking for parents who are willing to serve for the 2020-2021 school year. SSC Officers for 2020-2021 will be elected at the first meeting. 

Site Governance Team (SGT): The Governance Team is an elected committee that meets monthly and works cooperatively to improve the achievement of all students through shared decision-making. It is comprised of representatives from all stakeholder groups. 

Wellness Committee: The Wellness Committee is comprised of students, staff, and parents. The committee meets monthly with a focus on our site wellness plan. 

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