Warhawk Sports


  • Football: Experience the thrilling touchdowns and dynamic plays that light up our eyes.
  • Soccer: Witness strategic plays in boys' and girls' soccer, where every pass and goal embodies our team spirit.
  • Softball & Baseball: Cheer for our teams as they hit home runs, not just on the field but in the hearts of our supporters, with unmatched teamwork and perseverance.
  • Basketball: Feel the energy on the basketball court, where every dribble and dunk fuels our school's spirit.
  • Volleyball: Watch as powerful serves and spikes on the volleyball court showcase our competitive edge and drive.
  • Tennis: Dive into the intense rallies and precision shots on the tennis court, where individual talent and strategic gameplay define the essence of high school competition.
  • Golf: Experience the calm focus and skillful swings in golf, where every stroke is a testament to patience, precision, and the pursuit of excellence.
  • Field Hockey: Engage with the fast-paced action of field hockey, where agility, teamwork, and strategic planning are crucial to navigating the field and scoring goals.
  • Track: Witness the sheer determination and speed in track events, where athletes push their limits in sprints, jumps, and distance races, showcasing their dedication and athletic prowess.
  • Cross Country: Cheer on the endurance and strength of cross-country runners as they tackle challenging terrains and distances, embodying the spirit of resilience and perseverance.
  • Cheer: Feel our cheer team's vibrant energy and acrobatic skill, whose spirited performances and dynamic routines uplift athletes and spectators alike.
  • Badminton: Watch as players demonstrate agility, reflexes, and strategic shot placement in badminton, a sport that combines speed and precision in exhilarating matches.
  • Wrestling: Experience the intensity of men's and wrestlers grapple with passion, embodying the spirit of competition and sportsmanship that defines Warhawk excellence.




Daliah ManriquezCIF AWARDDavid LopezKimmie CamaraMakhai ViaviaSamantha Valverde

CIF AWARD- Daliah Manriquez - Girls Wrestling

CIF AWARD - Zagar Aiken - Basketball

David Lopez Student-Athlete of the Year Winter 2023-24

Kimmie Camara Student-Athlete of the Year Winter 2023-24

Makhai Viavia Student-Athlete of the Year Winter 2023-24

Samantha Valverde Student-Athlete of the Year Winter 2023-24


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